first post on grief cloud.

when people talk about something, you kinda know if they’re talking about you. Though at times, it may not necessarily be about you, but if you have that guilt inside of you, you will defintiely have that feeling, that you’re being talked about.

there are 2 issues that can be raised from this situation.

1. the one feeling guilty

Everyone makes mistakes. because we are all normal human being, who are imperfect. we make mistakes. and because of that, we are somehow being punished by the people around us. though some of us may see this as something that is clearly unfair, this is the fact of life.

when we, regradless of whether ew intentionally or untentionally allow ourselves to make mistakes, we are entitled to be punished. be it from Him, or the people around us, or life itself.

So the only thing that we can do is, SABAR.

2.the one who are speaking, making that other person feeling really2 bad.

but then again, one should always remember that, becasue we are all normal human being, we are also bound to be very hurtful towards others. to be cruel to others, to be unkind towards the people around us. However, it should not be the reason for us to be such a pain for others.

Have you ever thought of how hard it is to be in other people’s shoes? Feeling what others may feel. the bruise may go away, but it will always be remembered.

Always bare in mind that, what you give, you’ll always get back.

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