Bila masa hampir tiba.

Bismillah hirrahman nirrahim.

when the flying date is approaching, the feeling of uneasiness and grief too, starts to become some sort of a blockage for me from the excitement and joy I felt a few months before in going to nz.

the thoughts of leaving mommy at home alone, after 2 months of sticking at home with her is painfully excruciating. Mane tak nya, the hols was over 2 months. Dari november to february.

on the other hand, looking on the bright side of studying in dunedin, i cannot deny that i am very excited. all 60 of us have been waiting for the moment to fly there and the time has finally come. however, i do feel a little nervous about being around the native speaker of the language. Takut tak faham or terpinga-pinga dengan dorang punya accent. That’s the only thing that I hope I can overcome fast, when i get there.

the flight going to auc will be on thurs, 930pm. insyAllah will be arriving in auc airport at 1210pm, the next day. then we’ll be stranded in auc airport for 7 hours before flying to dunedin at around 730pm, i think. hopefully everything will run well, and nothing goes wrong at the airport. Amin.

To friends, doakan kejayaan aku ek. Ada azam baru tahun ni. Nak belajar elok2, dapat dean’s list pon ok jugak ;). InsyAllah, I’ll keep in touch.

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