Alhamdulillah. Dengan rahmat dan kasih sayangNya, I’m already in this beautiful land of Dunedin. Macam tak percaya jugak, akhirnya we’re all here.

Alhamdulillah. Everything seems to be getting well, except for the cold weather. Actually, it isn’t just the coldness that hits all of us, but also the wind. I mean, there surely is some wind in Malaysia, but not as strong as the ones here. Sejjuuuk!. We all have to buy the bedding stuff eg duvet blablabla…

Then comes the food. Obviously Malaysian food is really hard to find, but there is rice. Just kene beli beras la.. There are also some halal restaurants, but I’ve only been to one. A kebab store.

But one thing for sure, this place is super beautiful.

  1. all the best wani^^

  2. datang2 la sheffield

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