You don’t know yourself, until you’re tested.

Most of the time, we like to think ourselves as to capable of doing a lot of things. Like myself, I am sooo used to being away from the family that I do think that I know I’ll manage these 2 years without having to be homesick all the time. See, the thing is, I was in a boarding school in Perak for 5 years, a college in Pahang for a month and almost 30 months in Sarawak. So, I was confident that I would be ok, and that 2 years would be nothing.

But the distance proved me wrong. I was sooo wrong that I tried to do loads of other stuff to get my mind off myself being super homesick.

I miss my mom.
I miss my sisters and brother.
I miss mom’s cookings.

Normally, I would always be online for my skype, but this particular day, I didn’t know what happened that I totally forgot to be online.
So the very next day, I switched my pc and had my skype turned on.
I was then when I got the offline msgs from angah, saying that I should call home, or start skype-ing more and adding more pics in fb for mama, because she’s kinda missing me really bad. Then, I was like; heck. The homesickness, out of nowhere started pumping like a balloon waiting to burst. And it only took a few seconds before those tears rolled down. Nak call tak boleh, because it’s like 2 am in Malaysia.

I wish I could be home.

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