Ukhuwwah fillah

What came to your mind when you first heard the word Ukhuwwah?


Having to read loads of Langit Ilahi’s enteries, I have come to an understanding that Ukhuwwah is actually a kind of bond that we muslims have with one another.

No, it’s not like friendship.
It is more than just friendship.

Because Ukhuwwah , roots on one and only purpose; Lillahi ta’ala.

I have, myself had heard about relationships that turned sour. Initially, I thought that it is because they didn’t have the chemistry to work it out. Very typical understanding of stuff.

After quite sometime,however, my perception started to evolved. I came to an understanding that nawaitu, should be the utter most important thing to start a relationship. And that nawaitu, should be Lillahi ta’ala.

Then, only after that, that I realized  a relationship that did not start with the niat of Allah being the central reason, could easily dwell into shaitan’s deception. And when shaitan takes the lead, they only have one thing in mind; bring humans to jahannam, as what they had promised Allah.

As time passes, this special bond become very dear to me. I see my friends as my sisters and brothers. I care for them, as I would care for my biological siblings; my sisters and brother.

…إِنَّمَا المُؤمِنونَ إِخوَةٌ


I am trying to give the best for my sisters. I hope that I would be able to do so. InsyAllah.

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