Turning twenty-1

I remember I had this list of things that I want to do before I turn 21. It had stuff like go travellling around Malaysia and have piercings. Just some random stuff, which I think is quite cool to do. I ‘ve done some part of it but there are still many that needs to be done. So, I think I should extend the time duration from before turning 21 to before turning 25. OK x? 🙂

But anyhow, i going to be 21 in a few hours.

I like birthdays though. even though it’s the day you turn a wee bit older, I still think that it needs a celebration.

No, no. No those fancy stuff. where people turn off the light and as soon as the birthday girl steps in, “SURPRISE!”. Not that kind.

For me, having a small dinner or probably snacks with my loved ones, is quite enough. It’ll be extremely good if I have my family with me, but that is clearly not rational. At the moment, having some good friends around is already pretty awesome. Just lepaking and easting chips is the best thing to do after such stressful week. (we had to hand in our assignments just before the hols.)


Never thought that I would be living in this world of the Lord for this long. 21 years old. Alhamdulillah. All praises to Allah who has bless me with such a great life. A family who loves me (miss you guys a LOTT), and friends who cry and laugh like mad with me. Sayaaang korang sangat!

People say that we learn best through experience. For myself, I believe that this statement is soo true that it is so hard to admit it.

2009 and being 20 has taught me a lot of things. Bad things happen for many reasons. Though at times it might be hard to get back on track after falling down, we have to believe that He has his reasons for doing things and that He knows what’s best for us. That He still loves us, and wants us to be near to Him. That’s why He gave us such hurtful reminders. (Well basically, it’s not hurtful; it’s actually a friendly reminder, because in actual fact nobody REALLY got hurted. It’s just the feelings and emotions that got torn. That’s all.) Back to the analogy. Therefore, we should always try to stand and slowly run again as, these reminders would keep us strong. They will, without fail, give us motivation to move forward, witiout falling again. InsyAllah. This part sounds a bit emotional. Sorry ;p

I hope that this coming year would be even better from the year before, InsyAllah. More happiness to me and the people around me. I hope to be a better muslim and wich to make a change to the world. InsyAllah. Amiin 🙂

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