preoperational state of mind

Whether we like it or not, we very easily become egocentric.

I usually use this term to describe a child, as according to Piaget’s view on cognitive development. He said that a child in the preoperational stage tend to be egocentric.

In other words, being egocentric means, to have difficulties in taking other people’s perspectives. OR in other simpler words, just plain self fish.

Yes, yes. Everyone has to consider every other person’s needs.

Tapi pernah tak kita ponder, whether or not we, ourselves, *pointing to self* have done the same to other people?

Have you ever consider being in other peoples’ shoes?

Are you thoughtful enough to emphatize with their feelings?


It is very hard for individuals to have to satisfy everyone because at every point, there will be a time where demands cannot be met, instructions cannot be followed and plans cannot be executed.

… and when these things happen, a spark of anger further ignites the heart to resent everything that passes by.

Sampai mulut keluar benda- benda tak sepatutnya. Sampai hilang rasa malu dengan keluarnya benda-benda terkutuk tuh. Sampai orang yang mendengar jadi sayu, bersalah dibuatnya.

Kenapa jadi macam nih?

It is undoubtedly hard ot let go of things. especially things that give us impact so deep that we thought the only answer to relief the feeling is by doing it to others, which is undoubtedly wrong.

What harm will it cause if we try to open up to others? Giving them the chances to clear the air for a better sight for us?

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