Fedex ohh

I was really worried about a box that my mom sent through fedex last monday. I am very excited about having the box delievered to me, from Malaysia. From home. All the good things from home. 🙂

But, what’s more important is the fact that it is sent from home by mom. Sebab, anything sent by the family, has its own value.

No matter how much the things in the box costs, it is definitely of a higher values because, it is from home.

From the people who care enough to give their time, money and thoughts on things that they themselves do not have the assurance of whether or not the things that they have invested in will paid off. Here it would mean, macam takde kepastian yang the things would arrive safely and I would get ALL the stuff in the box.

Thanks mom. Walaupon, ikan kering ade high possbility untuk kene buang.

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