Whose hearts are we trying to win here?

We always want to be happy. Not to feel agitated, frustrated or in doubt. We always want to be where our hearts have no reasons to pound faster thatn normal. Allah too, wants us to be happy.

But the question remains; what kind of happiness does Allah want us to have? and what is our interpretation of happiness?

For me, happiness isn’t just having the ease at heart. That, for me, is a very surface view of happiness. narrow view of happiness.

We very oftenly feel please when the desires of the hearts are being fulfilled. However, very oftenly also, the desires of the hearts are not Allah’s desires. Are not permitted by Allah.

And do you think, we can consider those things as happy things as well?

it may be that you dislike a thing while it is good for you, and it may be that you love a thing while it is evil for you, and Allah knows, while you do not know. 2:216

Allah is the All-knower. The only true wisdom lies in Him and no one else. That is why we have the Quran to show us the way of Islam. To be able to have Deen in our lives.

Islam is not a separate entity in our lives. It is our lives as muslims. And because of this, we should, at all times, let Islam be our priority in life.


In dressing for everyday occassions, we dress because of Allah by covering our aurat. So that, whatever that is we are wearing can be an ibadah. And who are we pleasing by doing these things? InsyAllah, Allah will. And if He will, we too are blissful beings under His umbrealla. Ahmadulillah.

Those who do not understand Islam, might say that those who cover their aurats are so lame, old-fashioned and lack the sense of style.

But have you ever thought of the possibilities of what might happen to you if you do follow the fashion world, where all the cloths seem to not have enough material to cover the whole body or they’re so tight that every body curves are visible to the human eye? I bet do not have to tell you. We’re all adults.

But then again, who are we impressing when we are fashionably dressed?
You or Allah?
Which one is more important?
You or Allah?

Allahu Allah. Allahu Akbar.

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