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Assignment stress, 4ever and always.

Alhamdulillah, another assignment over and done with. Another 3 to go before facing the exam.

Hopefully in this business I would not be among those who forgot to turn to the Lord for guidance in times of happiness and sorrow. InsyAllah.

Everytime I’m faced with the stress of having to hand in an assignment, I would get this feeling. the same feeling everytime. Sometimes, it felt like dejavu.

Anyways, the point that I’m trying to make here is no matter how many assignments I’ve finished, I’ve completed, the stress somehow occurs everytime I get a new assignment.It’s like a when getting a new assignment, you get the whole same feeling but the thing is it’s not the same. but it feels the same. the same stressful feelings.

Kenapa ye, kita tak dapat nak biaskan diri with the stress?

perhaps, it’s the fact that we like to be free. to not be obliged to anything. nak melepak jer.


Only now that I’ve realised how ‘being in a non-stressful’ environment actually give a negative impact in my performance as a human. it’s not that I did’nt realised this before, but somehow, it didn’t hit me like it did now.

itulah, orang tua-tua cakap,

sudah terhantuk baru terngadah

eventhough i still do not know what ‘terngadah’ means, the phrase is still very useful to me.

So what should I/We do now?

I realised that now, instead of just letting ourselves laze in our comfort zones, maybe we should try to fill our free time with useful stuff. Such as reading, or visiting friends, in the nawaitu of ukkhuwwah.iA.

p/s: really can’t wait for winter break. ūüôā



despite all the black spots, the background is still white.
Or any other colour.

tengok kanan.
tengok kiri.
tengok kanan.

that’s what they have us do.
this and that.
no, not that.

artificial guidelines, that’s what they are.
what do you think?

fleiBige Moslems


When the going gets tough, only the tough gets going.

Verily, Allah loveth those who strive and diligently complete their work.


Kadang-kadang kita selalu lupe nikmat yang Allah beri kepada kita.

Walaupun kita selalu cuba untuk sentiasa ingat kepada Tuhan kita yang satu, kita selalu jugak lupa untuk ingat kepada Dia. Kadang-kadang, kita ikhlaskan pergi kuliah kerana Allah,  kita makan ingat kepada Allah, kita berkawan kerana Allah.

Tapi kadang-kadang jugak, kita selalu tak ikhlaskan diri, tak ingat dan tak niat perbuatan kita kepada Allah. Perbuatan selalu jadi binasa bila niat dilalaikan.

Contohnya, bila kita berkawan kerana Allah, kita akan sentiasa jaga persahabatan tersebut. Kita jaga perhubungan itu. Kita sayang kawan-kawan kita kerana Allah. Kita faham bahawa sesungguhnya, Allah sayang kita juga, sebab itu, Allah beri peluang untuk kita berkawan-kawan.Dapat jumpa dengan kawan-kawan yang faham diri kita.

Kita sentiasa mencuba untuk selalu ingat Allah yang beri banyak nikmat kepada kita, walaupun selalu juga kita lupa-lupa kepada Allah.

Tapi, tak salah kalau kita cuba untuk slelau lupa. Kalau masa study, tiba-tiba teringat Allah, kita boleh istighfar sebab kita lupa Allah masa mula study. Tak salah untuk terus baca doa minta Allah terangkan hati kita untuk belajar, Allah Maha Pemurah, insyAllah akan dikabulkan.

Maksudnya, kita harusla sentiasa mencuba untuk terus-terus ingat kepada Allah, walaupun, kita selalu lupa. Tapi tak salah untuk terus mencuba. InsyAllah Allah akan kurniakan nikamt untuk terus-terusan ingat kepada Dia.

Kita jugak selalu lupa nak ikhlaskan diri sebab Allah. Kadang-kadang, kita sedih sangat, sampai tercakap benda-benda tak baik. Beristighfarlah. Sesungguhnya Allah itu Maha Pengampun. Jangan biarkan syaitan kacau hati kita.

¬†InsyAllah¬†bila¬†kita¬†selalu¬†ingat¬†Allah, perasaan¬†macam¬†tu akan¬†hilang¬†dengan¬†cepat. ūüôā

Random May 13th.

Alhamdulillah. Today has been a super great day~ Like the best day ever in Dunedin. ūüėÄ

Started with the delivery of my box from Malaysia. At around 8 I think. Was breakfast with diba when someone know our door like super loud. Luckily it was just the Paul, the fedex man. He was nice, totally made my day with the early delivery and friendliness. Having to receive the box was already a happy point for me, what more to open the treasure that mama sent from Malaysia last month. Seronok tak ingat weyh!

Then, the day started with me going to the lib to fnish my essay. Around 9 a.m I think. It was definitely a brain-squeezing day. but manage to finish it. Alhamdulillah.

Then I went to the tutorial at 2. I was somehow very nervous about the tutorial task that we were suppose to do this week. Not that I did not do it, I did! It’s just the feeling, macam¬†kecut¬†perut out of no reasons. But everything turned out well actually. Nothing major happened.

Then, I went to meet Shirley to have some consultation about my essay. She read 3/4 of it and said it was interesting. Another YAY! point for me!. I know Shirley probably said that to everyone, but for me it’s different today. Today has been a tiring day and does anyone know how comforting it felt to hear those words from someone you look up to? *freak mumbling like crazy*

wow. I must be really, really tired.

kasih sayang Allah.

Without Allah, I am nothing.

Without Allah, I may never have mama and ayah.

Ya Rabb, thank you for your love. Thank you for allowing me to have mama up till today. Though ayah was only for a short while, I am still very thankful to feel the love froma  father. Thank you Allah.

Thank you for all the things that you have presented me with. You are the Lord of the World, The most Merciful

Never will I forget, that mama and ayah are the the signs of Your love to me, as the mere players in this stage of Yours. You are the most Gracious.

Ya Rabbal’alamin, let the both of them be with those You love, under Your guidance and¬†care. InsyAllah.

Wassallahu’ala¬†saidina¬†muhammad, wa’ala¬†alihi¬†wasoh¬†bihi¬†wassallim, walhamdulillahi¬†rabbil¬†‘alamin. Amin~

Another good experience, aL.

Alhamdulillah. Practicum¬†3 hari¬†di Fairfield school berjalan¬†dengan¬†lancar. Semua¬†dengan¬†kebenaran¬†Allah. It could never have been a great one, if it wasn’t with the will of Allah, Ar-Rahman, Ar-Rahim.

How can I ever forget the butterflies in my stomach the first day we were to go no the practicum. Making the butterflies flew a lot faster was the fact that Leha¬†and I were assigned to a seniors’ class, Year 7 and 8 (they’re 12 & 13 year olds). Back in Malaysia, it would be very stressful to teach the kids in this age group. They can either try to look like adults, hate to be treated as children, or children, hate to be treated as adults. I mean, because the kids in this age group are actualy emerging from being a child to a teenager. A lot of behavioural issues should be visible in the classroom. That was what I expected.

But I was very wrong.

We had the best associate teacher, Lynn. She was very helpful and we could not ask for anyone better. ūüôā

We too had fun in the classroom. They enjoyed every lesson that we taught, which is a motivation for us to teach older kids. The children are treated as adults in learning but when misbehaviour occurs, the teacher did not hesitate to punish them. And the student would not talk back at all. I don’t know whether we can have that in Malaysia.

I was very lucky to get room2 as my class. The class is a sport academy class with the total of 23 students. All of the students has to apply to enter this class and they have to at least play one sports. This is a plusplus points for me, because I too enjoy playing sports. When we had a handball lesson, the children really enjoyed playing it and did ask their teacher whether they can play it again on Monday!

But the best thing of all is the fact that the teacher, the students, even thought they are different from us, they treated us like we are nothing of a difference from them. They were very kind and understanding when we told them about our religions and cultures. They understood that we are different and the differences that we have should be cherished and shared.

This is the best school experience I had ever had. Praise Allah for all that He has presented us, now and insyAllah, the future. May the future be as colourful or more colourful than this. Amin~