Another good experience, aL.

Alhamdulillah. Practicum 3 hari di Fairfield school berjalan dengan lancar. Semua dengan kebenaran Allah. It could never have been a great one, if it wasn’t with the will of Allah, Ar-Rahman, Ar-Rahim.

How can I ever forget the butterflies in my stomach the first day we were to go no the practicum. Making the butterflies flew a lot faster was the fact that Leha and I were assigned to a seniors’ class, Year 7 and 8 (they’re 12 & 13 year olds). Back in Malaysia, it would be very stressful to teach the kids in this age group. They can either try to look like adults, hate to be treated as children, or children, hate to be treated as adults. I mean, because the kids in this age group are actualy emerging from being a child to a teenager. A lot of behavioural issues should be visible in the classroom. That was what I expected.

But I was very wrong.

We had the best associate teacher, Lynn. She was very helpful and we could not ask for anyone better. 🙂

We too had fun in the classroom. They enjoyed every lesson that we taught, which is a motivation for us to teach older kids. The children are treated as adults in learning but when misbehaviour occurs, the teacher did not hesitate to punish them. And the student would not talk back at all. I don’t know whether we can have that in Malaysia.

I was very lucky to get room2 as my class. The class is a sport academy class with the total of 23 students. All of the students has to apply to enter this class and they have to at least play one sports. This is a plusplus points for me, because I too enjoy playing sports. When we had a handball lesson, the children really enjoyed playing it and did ask their teacher whether they can play it again on Monday!

But the best thing of all is the fact that the teacher, the students, even thought they are different from us, they treated us like we are nothing of a difference from them. They were very kind and understanding when we told them about our religions and cultures. They understood that we are different and the differences that we have should be cherished and shared.

This is the best school experience I had ever had. Praise Allah for all that He has presented us, now and insyAllah, the future. May the future be as colourful or more colourful than this. Amin~

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