Random May 13th.

Alhamdulillah. Today has been a super great day~ Like the best day ever in Dunedin. 😀

Started with the delivery of my box from Malaysia. At around 8 I think. Was breakfast with diba when someone know our door like super loud. Luckily it was just the Paul, the fedex man. He was nice, totally made my day with the early delivery and friendliness. Having to receive the box was already a happy point for me, what more to open the treasure that mama sent from Malaysia last month. Seronok tak ingat weyh!

Then, the day started with me going to the lib to fnish my essay. Around 9 a.m I think. It was definitely a brain-squeezing day. but manage to finish it. Alhamdulillah.

Then I went to the tutorial at 2. I was somehow very nervous about the tutorial task that we were suppose to do this week. Not that I did not do it, I did! It’s just the feeling, macam kecut perut out of no reasons. But everything turned out well actually. Nothing major happened.

Then, I went to meet Shirley to have some consultation about my essay. She read 3/4 of it and said it was interesting. Another YAY! point for me!. I know Shirley probably said that to everyone, but for me it’s different today. Today has been a tiring day and does anyone know how comforting it felt to hear those words from someone you look up to? *freak mumbling like crazy*

wow. I must be really, really tired.

    • saya
    • May 14th, 2010

    nk tambah one point..
    marks anda tinggi utk test..


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