Sick? Alhamdulillah.

Today is my sick day. the first ever time I feel sick in nz. It feels horrible as I skipped my music class today, to simply lie on the bed and do nothing else. It was such a waste. It’s the once in a blue moon sickness I’ve been having all my life. I would feel dizzy allday and the only way to make it go away would be by throwing up. That’s the only remedy to my sickness. However, I have not yet vomitted today, which meant,  the sickness hasn’t really gone.

Alhamdulillah, I felt a lot more better after several hours of sleep. But just to be cautious, I brought a plastic bag wherever I go. HOpefully, ok cepat ye.

So why am I writing this? I should have been studying, but because of the pain that is slowly creeping back into my head, ingat nak rest sekejap. So, I searched on the net some stuff that would make me feel better. 

Alhamdulliah. Just want to share it with the rest of the readers.

There are many hadith which explain that sickness expiates evil deeds and wipes out sins. Of these, some are given below:

Abu Hurairah narrates that the Prophet, peace be upon him, said:

“When Allah wants to be good to someone, He tries him with some hardship.”

Abu Hurairah also reports that Allah’s Messenger, peace be upon him, said:

 “For every misfortune, illness, anxiety, grief, or hurt that afflicts a Muslim -even the hurt caused by the pricking of a thorn – Allah removes some of his sins.”

Ibn Mas’ud said:
“I visited the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, while he had a fever. I exclaimed: ‘O Messenger of Allah! You have a high fever! ‘

He said: ‘My fever is as much as two among you [might have]. ‘

I asked: ‘Is it because you have a double reward?’

He replied: ‘Yes, that is right. No Muslim is afflicted with any hurt, even if it is no more than the pricking of a thorn, but Allah wipes off his sins because of it and his sins fall away from him as leaves fall from a tree’.”

Abu Hurairah said: “The Prophet, peace be upon him, remarked: ‘

“The example of a believer is like a fresh tender plant; from whichever direction the wind blows, it bends the plant. But when the wind dies down, it straightens up again. (Similarly a believer is tested by afflictions to strengthen his faith and heart, and he remains patient and firm). And an evil person is like a pine tree which remains hard and stiff until Allah breaks it whenever He wills.”

 Anyone suffering from an illness should remain patient, for there is no reward better or more enriching than that reserved for those who endure in patience.

Suhaib ibn Sinan narrated that the Prophet, peace be upon him, said:

“How remarkable is the case of the believer! There is good for him in everything, but this is not the case for anyone except for the believer. When the believer receives any good, he is thankful to Allah, and gets a reward. And when some misfortune befalls him, he endures it patiently, for which he is (also) rewarded.”

Anas narrates: “I heard the Prophet, peace be upon him, saying: ‘Allah says:

“When I afflict a servant of mine with respect to his two most beloved things (meaning his eyes), and he endures it patiently, I grant him paradise in return.”

‘Ata ibn Rabah related that he heard Ibn ‘Abbas say: “Shall I show you a woman of Paradise?

“I said: “Yes, indeed.”

He said: “A black woman came to the Prophet, peace be upon him, and said: ‘I suffer from epileptic fits, and because of these, (at times) my body becomes uncovered. Would you invoke Allah, the Exalted One, to cure me of this disease? ‘

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said: ‘If you wish, you can be patient and you will attain Paradise (for this suffering). But if you prefer, I will pray to Allah, the Exalted, to cure you of it?’

 The woman said: ‘I will be patient,’ then added: ‘I become uncovered (when I have fits), so invoke Allah for me that I do not become uncovered. ‘

So the Prophet, peace be upon him, prayed for her.”

  1. get well soon, kawan!
    xtaw pon ko sakit td. T__T

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