Jiwa kosong? Astaghfirullah.

In the name of Allah, the most merciful. There is no God except Allah, and Muhammad is His messenger.

Lately, I’ve been having this empty feeling inside of me. Probably due to the extreme freedom that I have now in comparison to the super business I had just before the holiday started.

Now that I am soo free, I wish that I have some other things to do to fill this free time. So, the plan is to look at next semester’s assignments and try to do figure out/ do some part of it. Adibah and I went to submit our NW job form just now. Hopefully we’ll get the jobs. Allah humma yassir wala tuassir. InsyAllah.

Today I attended the thulatha’ kuliah. Alhamdulliah, terisi jiwa dengan kisah sirah zaman terdahulu. Thank you for having it during this winter break. At least, jiwa tak terbiar kosong. Jzzk.

Then again, I think it is better to be awfully busy than have all the time in the world. See, when we do have time for ourselves, (this is what happen to me, probably not you people), we tend to channel it to doing unuseful, non-profitable actions and behaviours (E.g.: movies, games). In contrast, if we’re busy, time would be very well-spent and when doing something, we would make sure that it is done properly and that the product would be at its best. One of the thing that I’ve noticed in myself is that, when reciting Quran. Because it is the only time I have for myself during the busy period, having to read the Quran really soothed me after heavy reading or writing a lengthy essay. This is one thing I do not feel when I am soooo overly free. How I wish I have more stuff to do rather than just lazing in the flat.

Come to think of it, it’s like we’ve been actually fooled by what people said to be the best thing. Ye la. No doubt being caged with assignments is an awful feeling, but we never thought of the the good things that the bussiness has brought us, has given us. That my friend, is our fault. Not having to think for ourselves and following what seemed to be the ‘artificial happiness, man-constructed satisfaction’. Astaghfirullah.

Ya Allah, let me not stray afar. Fill me with your wisdom to become one of those who will be in Your Garden and not near the jahannam.

  1. guud.

  2. thanks. IA.

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