Almost everyone I know wants to get married. Nak kawin. I too, have the desire to be one of those who have the happy life, with that other person that I love, my other half.

So basically, this post is actually a little bit personal. Sorry about that, but i feel like writing about this.

Like every other girl my age, we looooooove looking at wedding pictures. Gambar masa akad nikah, gambar atas pelamin, all those colourful and pretty photos on other people’s special day. And sometimes, it made us wonder, whether we too would have the chance to be like those people.

Kadang-kadang, I kid around my friends on how interesting life would be after being married. Bukanlah maksudnye, I am married nor do I have the experience of some sort. Just looking at other people’s shiny faces after they are married seemed to be a promise that marriage life is superb.

Then, I was brough to the reality, when being married does not mean being happy all the time. Ye la, come to think of it, you will live with this other person whom you barely know. Confirm-lah akan ada fights and stuff. Sebab, in comparison to that person to your family (in which sampai sekarang pun ada occasional misunderstanding), apalah sangat that other person is.

Plus, I have also hear married people say that no matter how long you’ve known a person, in this case your husband or wife, he or she will surprise you along the way. There will always be things that you never know about your partner and when you discover the new stuff, you will somehow become dissapointed. Probably because you thought everything was in control until you actually discover that we human are flawed and that flaw is very big in your eyes. Susah kan?

So, what’s the conclusion? Kahwin? Tak kahwin?

Serabut betul.

Then again, jodoh ketentuan di tangan Tuhan. Plan bagai nak rak pun, in the end, everything will run according to His will.

Jadi, apa boleh buat?? Pray hard!

  1. aslm wani..lame xdgr kabo..ttbe dgr kabo ni ko nk kwen!haha. juz entry ye. cmne life sane? kot2 la jumpe calon kt sne wani kn. weh, kalo ko kawen aku nk ko jmput aku tau. leh dtg tgk pnolong ktua klas from1 ni kwen.hehe

    • hahaha. mane ade nak kawen. entry jer weyh 😉
      insyAllah, kalau nka kawin nanti, aku mesti ajak punyerlah!

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