Thursday Melodrama

SOoyeah. You’ve put so much hope on someone or something, that at one point, that someone/ something will break your heart to small little pieces that you can never put all of them back together.

Hyperbolic, don’t you think?

But that’s how I feel when my dreams were crushed. I mean, who would have thought that those happy-ever-after moments would burn into ashes this fast, in this early stage?

Germany, oi Germany.

Who would have thought that you would have lost only at the semis. I mean, I thought you guys were like, 6times winner of Fifa.

But no doubt that you didn’t play that well with Spain this morning. In fact, I know I don’t have the right to say this, somehow, I think you guys were slow. Simply, you guys were not yourself this morning. Sigh.

Nothing much we can do about it now that you’ve lost your only chance to win the world cup.


1. Spain had soooo many attemps, yet only scored 1. But anyhow, they played a good game.

2. Perhaps it’s the hols. That’s why posts aren’t that educational.

  1. huh?spain’s fan was here. germany only have 2 players that making them look great; boetang and muller. see without them they r nothing.btw. defensive tactic spain`s coach works.full defense + triangle ball = first half. half defense
    + fast attack = second real life u dun have to score a goal too much to be a winner. one is enough and spain prove it. ( spain 1 portugal 0 = second round) ( spain 1 paraguay 0 = quarter final) ( spain 1 germany 0= semi final).final? ask the octopus. hahaha.

    • hahaha. Man, ada jugak orang nak comment post nih.
      Btw, i still have to admit that Spain played a good game yesterday. 🙂

  2. Owh… so u’re a Germany fan. Too bad, huh? I was hoping to see em go to finals as well. And then beat the Dutch without mercy. hehe. Anyhow, God knows best.
    Seeing the giants lost one by one, France, Italy, then Argentina, Brazil and now Germany,I’m thinking God is showing His power in the most beautiful way…”you gamble with my rulings, I make u cry gambling” ^^

    ‘‘God does not play dice with the universe. If God isn‘t a gambler, are his followers?” ~ Albert Einstein

    • thanks for the comment. are you one of us? (as my friend say it, being a Germany fan) haha.
      Yup, initally I was with the French tapi awal-awal lagi dah out, nasib Germany was still in the game. The saying, ” You gamble my rulings, I make you cry gambling”, is from someone famous? Cause it’s a good one.

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