Time;well spent?

Notice when you have yourself busy that you tend to use time the best. That each time allocated for an activity us used to the limit and only if time can be grown, you too would have grown thousands of them.

Perhaps you don’t have those feelings. Perhaps we don’t share the same level of imagination, but I am sure that if it possible, we would very like it to be able to stretch time.

Is it that the 24 hours we currenntly have is not enough?
Something to ponder.

Yesterday, I was with a friend and she made me realize hwo it is important to spend time wisely. Since my winter break is almost coming to an end ( tomorrow marks the first day of a new semester), it should be a good time to think back and reflect (muhasabah) about how has my time in this world has been spent and whether or not I want it to be as it has been in the future.

Astaghfirullahal’azim Ya Allah.
Astaghfirullahal’azim Ya Rahman.
Astaghfirullahal’azim Ya Rahim.

The other day, I watched a clip from Youtube about a programme in the Middle East. I can’t recall what the title of the programme. It was a little bit like a reality show. It records the actions of the people in the society and whenever inappropriate behaviour occurs, the people from the show would give that person a kitab, in which I believe is Quran. Their intention was for the society to behave accordingly, under the pillars of Islam.

And a part which hits me the most was when a woman was asked, if you were to have some time with RasulAllah, what would you have said? The woman, being speechless, shed tears.

That was when, I too reflected. What would RasulAllah have said, if He had seen me, wasting those precious time onto watching movies, sleep and ect? (Although I know, even if he is not among us now, he is up there, watching his ummah simply let time go without even trying to pursue the reasons of us, man, exist in this world.

Wahai Tuhan, ku tak layak ke syurgamu,
Namun tak pula, aku sanggup ke nerakamu,
Terima taubatku, dan ampunkan dosa-dosaku,
Sesungguhnya Engkaulah pengampun dosa-dosa besar.

Hopefully we are able to change our present self to Muslims that our dear Rasul would never be saddened about. Let us all pray to Allah that we are granted the power to change and insyAllah be istiqamah in whatever good that we intend to do, InsyAllah.

18.7.10–> Bain helped me find the vid. This is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-z1ci71bSk

    • Izuan
    • July 17th, 2010

    Tetiba terdetik nak tengok blog ni. Aku rasa mungkin ini video yang dimaksudkan. Boleh kongsi dengan orang lain kot. Letak dalam blog ni pun bagus..

    If The Prophet Mohammad P.B.U.H. were Among Us

    Sekian.. Bain

    p/s: memg x balik Malaysia ke?

    • waalaikumussalam Bain. đŸ™‚
      thanks for the vid.
      macam tak balek. lagi pun, sekarang da stat klas balek dah.
      bukna summer kat sini…baru, abes winter.
      thanks for reading the blog. kalau nak share ape2, drop je kat comment.
      IA akan naekkan kat sini or kat fb.

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