Final World Cup 2010 & Paul.

So, this year’s world cup marks the glory of an octopus called Paul. I didn’t really know about it in the beginning, but when Germany lost to Spain in the semi, somehow, I became very angry to that sutung!

Then I heard the prediction from it that in teh finals, Spain would win to Netherlands. Decided to not believe in it, I sided the Dutch. I mean, sotong kot weyh. There’s no way it would be possible for it to decide who wins and who loses.

Berkobar-kobar bangun 615am jsut to watch the game (nasib today’s class starts at 2pm).

The first half was a little bit slow. Not as slow as when the Germany was against Spain, but slow enough to be compared to the second half and the 30mins extra time. In the end, Iniesta scored 1 in the extra time, which brought Spain into lead. I was devastated back then. Ye la, first France, then Germany now Holland pulak at stake. I kept in mind, there’s no way that the octopus could have predicted correctly, again, this time.

In teh end, the wistle was blown, marking the end of the finals of World Cup 2010 in South Africa, Spain being the winner of the game.

In my opinion, it was a good game. But too rough, bringing down the quality of the game. I mean, just look at what happened throughout the game. Alonso kene kick, at his CHEST ok!. Sangat brutal.

Plus, there were a lot of yellow cards being given and a red one given to Heitanga, if I’m not mistaken.

On the other hand, I’m not saying this because I am with the Dutch, but the Spanish were somewhat like babies in the game. Good baby actors to be more accurate. Falling down, but crying out and rolling for whoknowshowmany times. Memang macam baby.

So, the man of the match was Andres Iniesta but for me it was definitely Arjen Robben. No doubt. He was speedy and he knows what it takes to get in between the Spanish. Tapi satu je slack. Sangat emosi ketika bermain. Takper. Better luck next time.

Now, let’s talk about Paul. I even searched for him on the net to really get to know this ‘thing’.

From Mr. Wiki, he’s actually a breed from England and now has decided to build a home in my country, Germany. It has been predicting results for Germany football matches since 2008 for Euro and now the World Cup. There were only two incorrect predictions made by him.

I still do not believe in him. Hey Paul from England who now lives in Germany, if I were to ever see you, you are so going to be my sotong goreng tepung!

  1. ooo yeah.spain won the game and again 1-0.its not a luck.they all r just brilliant.ha ha ha.

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