In the name of Allah, the most merciful.

I feel like writing about listening to nasyid today.


I know I’m not suppose to write about stuff that is obviously ‘syok sendiri’ (ss). But maybe through me spilling some of my personal thoughts, a healthy discussion of perhaps your own personal favorites can be generated (ayat seabuttt). Ignore this paragraph, please.

I first started to listen to Opick from this Indonesian teledrama, which I cannot recall its title. Something with Kiamat in it. But I didn’t become a fan right away. Maybe I should say that I was not much of a nasyid fan back then.

Anyways, it was not until last year that I became one of the true fan of the nasyid genre. The lyrics somehow, manage to give me comfort and are very to true, to us Muslims.

I heard from somewhere, that there is a part in a human’s brain that is activated that we have spiritual thoughts.  Thinkings such as

Who created us?
Why am I sent to this land?

For me, I dont have any particular nasyid group that I am a fan of. But I really like listening to Opick. He’s this Indonesian male nasyid singer, with all these awesome songs.

All of his songs have very simple lyrics. Simple sentences, easy words, non-metaphoric phrases. Yet, they manage to touch this stone-like heart like mine. Well, maybe not just mine, others too, I believe. SubahanAllah. Who would have known such simple things could touch the hearts of many.

This made me think.

Nasyid, does not only fulfill its purpose in da’wah but also as a nikmat from Allah to those who wish to soothe their hearts. Killing two birds with one stone, that is.  Undeniably, Al- Quran is the primary source, but nasyid that is in line with syara’, is too, one of the remedy of the hearts.

Not the ‘kahwin’ ones like ‘Kasih Kekasih’ and the other associates. They have to be nasyids that shows the real Islamic way life, the do’s and don’ts in Islam. In other words, they have to be nasyids that directs us to Allah and Islam, for

Only through the rememberance of Allah, do hearts find rest. 13:28

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