rindu rumah pls.

In the name of Allah, the most merciful.

Living far away from home has never been such a difficult time for me. Probably because I’ve stayed at boarding school ever since I was 13. Not that I didn’t have a difficult time missing home back then, but it simply becomes a part of me that is so used to staying far from home.

Even after high school, I got into a college in Kuantan before moving even further to the teaching college in the Borneo, which is obviously the very furtherest I’ve been in Malaysia. And now, Dunedin, which is a totally different place. Nothing like Malaysia, except all the familar Maori faces (they seriously look like Malays).

Anyways, not that I have nay power to overcome homesickness or anything, but Alhamdulillah, Allah has given me enough strength to bear such feeling up till now. No doubt, I get homesick now and then, but it’s not that bad. Still bearable, Alhamdullilah.

The other day, my friends and I were just talking about how we would be in the future, working at whoknowswhere it’s going to be. Imagine. Ye la, posted to a whole new place, and you’ve to actully make that place a home. The last policy I heard was that all new teachers would be sent to rural areas across the country but a friend to me that the lastest policy lets teachers to teach in their own hometown. That’s a yay for everyone, I guess, though we can’t be too sure about it.

I mean, if all the teachers were to teach in their hometown, what would happen to the schools in the rural areas? Would there be any teacher who would want to voluntarily teach there?

The thing for me is that, I don’t mind teaching in the rural, but I’m just a little bit scared of the environment. Of course everyone is scared of a new, unfamiliar environment. That’s normal I guess. But I’ve also heard about the crimes that have happened outside the city. They are way more cruel and mean compared to the ones in the city. Menakutkan.

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