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by Brother Yusha

In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful.

The previous post is so personal and self-related, that I don’t think it is suitable to share such a great video in it. So here’s a new post.

Another big thing that had lighted up my day is the one video shared by a friend. The video itself was very long, but very moving indeed. It’s an hour ++ mins video, but I promise that it is worth your time.

It’s about a brother who reverted to Islam. His journey in finding God and the real religion was undeniably challenging and crooky, but Alhamdullillah, every bit of hardship that he went through was indeed worth the pain, for he has found Islam.

All praise and glory be to Allah, lord of this universe. Allahu Akbar!


18/08 scribble.

In the name of Allah, the most merciful.

Alhamdulillah, today everything has been going very well, that I do not where to start telling.

Finally, the naked bus summer and onwards tickets are available. It is such a relief when I have finally secure the tickets for my mum, ekin and myself to christchurch this October. Can’t wait for them to come!

Today we had the first ever class for visual art. And guess what we have to draw?

Harimau Malaya!

Even saying the word gives you the shivers, apatah lagi when you’re instructed to draw one. DRAW! Susah woho! In class I drew half way and save myself the embarrassment of such an ugly picture. Anyways, I have always have a passion in art, but does only having passion counts in the real world?