Eid Mubarak!

In the name of Allah.

It’s pathetic to be on the internet on such day. But, who cares? It’s not like I’m in Malaysia or something that everyone should be busy and do stuff.


Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin.

The two most frequent asked questions about celebrating eid in Dunedin.

1. Tak sedih ke raye jauh-jauh?

Obviously yes. Who wouldn’t? Especially when you listened to the takbir. If not for the ‘srots’ oen would have cried a river. But somehow, when the eid day itself came, you wouldn’t have the time to be sad! Busy sangat nak layan orang datang rumah, which is a good thing. Plus, when you visit your friends, rasa seronok. Bukanlah visit your parents’ long lost friends tak seronok, but it’s a dfferent kind of fun.

2. Makan apalah raya nih? Masak ke?

Well, we don’t have those traditional cuisine but we tried to make it as traditional as possible. We did cooked some rendang, kuah kacang, nasi impit and 2 types of kueh raya. Alhmadullillah, they were ok. Cukup la untuk perantau-perantau to have a little taste of Malaysia.

Alhamdulliah, I’ve  learn so much this Ramadhan and the first few days of Syawal. I learn to speak less, to control anger, to ignore whenever I should.  Though they’re not easy stuff to do, they’re worth the try.

I try to remind myself that the things that I did in Ramadhan should not only be done in Ramadhan, it should be practised year-round because Ramadhan itseld is a madrasah(school) for building/instilling good values in Muslims.

I hope everyone would feel the same and put in the extra effort to continue our Ramadhan routines, InsyAllah.

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