this week’s summary

In the name of Allah.

It has been a hectic week. Salah, salah. It is still a hectic week and will be the same next week.

Anyways, this is just a short break before I continue wrinkling my forehead, trying to finish tonnes of assignments. I really can’t wait for summer to come. It’s a long way before I get there, but I know it’s going to be worth the pain! Wish me luck!

Speaking of summer, I am yet to decide whether I want to go back this hols or not. I want to look for summer job (moneymoneymoney), if I got one I wouldn’t go back. BUT, if I can’t find any, what’s the point of staying in this dead town for 3 months, right?…

Last but not least, Mom’s coming in 7 days time! How exciting is that?…Can’t stop myself from smiling. I haven’t planned anything yet, but I will make it as soon as I hand in my Crime assignment.

Oh yeah. I received a parcel from Malaysia. Nope. Not from any of my family members (although they did send me kad raya:) )… It’s from a very good friend, who has recently passed his oral test. Congrats! I know after this I wouldn’t be seeing much of him anymore, cause he’ll be saaaiiiilllliing the world…Thanks okeh kawan, it did make my day less stressful!

Pray that I am always well, will you? I’ve been in a rather solemn mood these few days whenever I’m alone. Which is not a good thing.

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