Yakin wani, yakin.

In the name of Allah.

I am embarking on a mission. 30 days trial period, supportive friends and perseverance. If the result is successful, insyAllah, will continue with it. If not, I’ll try other means. Other alternatives. Doakan ye kawan-kawan.

Yakin wani, yakin.

Why the heck did I decide to do this at the first place?

Part of me believes that I need to do something for myself.  Something good for my own sake.  And another part of me, said that this is because other people. I don’t know which should I side with. Perhaps a little bit of both.

Allahumma yassir wala tuassir.

  1. insyaAllah.
    u can do it wani.
    eh no..
    we can do it~!
    together we make a difference ~! 🙂

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