serabut 2.0

In the name of Allah.

My situation, as I see it now, is even worst than the one I had this morning when I wrote the previous post.

In the afternoon mom told me not to go back. Initially it was quite hard for me to accept it, but eventually I managed to handle it. Quite well I should say.

Then, alter in the evening, she called. Saying that it’s up to me. Which put me in more difficult position. See, when she told me not to, I’ve had some stuff planned for the holidays. THought of visiting a friend in Sydney.

Now I’m not even sure where I would be in the next 4 months.

  1. mom dah kol. balik balik balik. :p 1.3k je tu. :p

  2. huhuhu..meng bole la…mau kawin suda~
    saya masih simpan duet…jodoh pon blom jumpa lagi đŸ™‚

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