stuff I’ve been up to

In the name of God.

It’s been a whole while since I last unpacked (sounds like Jane) stuff inside my head here. I should say that I was busy. I indeed was, but perhaps I could have spent a wee bit of time here blabbering stuff, like I usually do. Assignments are history and I am also done with my first paper. This saturday would be the last paper but I can’t say that I have the confidence in it.

It’s the murderous crime paper. At the moment, I am still reading one of the required novel and decided to leave out two of which I find irritating and very uncomfortable with. Not that they are not good novels, but the fact that the story is written in such a way (literary term: intellectual works of crafting) make me feel annoyed, thus resulting to the refusal of reading them.

*crap on wani!

anyways, at the moment, I am also in a deep deep dilemma. I wonder if I should go back this summer holidays which would, in total be about 3+ months. Initially I didn’t want to go back coz, 1) mom just visited me 2) i thought I wanted to work, to get extra cash so that I can go travel later next year. But somehow, these two reasons do not seem relevant to me anymore. I wonder why.

Mungkin jugak sebab nak jumpe orang-orang ampang :D, mungkin jugak sebab nak jumpe geng :D, mungkin jugak sebab nak makaaaaaan!

10 points to the last answer. bahahahah!

anyways, we’ll wait and see. If I were to get that job at Kmart, MAYBE i’ll stay. 😛

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