another blablabla on you know what

In the name of Allah.

So here’s what’s new. I have once again, changed my decision. I am yet to be sure that I will be staying here or go back to the land of Bukit Belacan this summer. Males mahu fikir, since I still have go through a killer paper this saturday.

Killer paper = The Art of Crime= Murderous paper?= A paper that kills?

And I thought art only involves dancing, visual art, music and drama. =.=’

Anyways, today marks the end of the semester to some of my friends. They can now officially join the mob of free people, and my turn is yet to come until 530pm, saturday, October the 30th. Wah! Malam boleh pegi ‘trick or treat’ nih!

And also, on the 30th, the decision has to be made. By hook or by crook. One way or the other. I will sit down with azreen and figure this matter out. Pray that I make the best decision, ok?

But before that, let’s concentrate on the killer paper this Saturday. 2 days left before utter freedom. Wish me luck, will you? Cause I would really need it.

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