378b, Leith Street.

In the name of Allah.

Since today is my last day here in Dunedin, I would like to dedicate this post for my flat. 378B, Leith Street.

The first day I stepped into this flat, it was on 12 of February 2010. It was around 9+ p.m and it was cold. Uniquely it was summer, but the weather was …  So, the very first lesson is, New Zealand is unlike any other country. Dunedin especially. The weather’s so unpredictable that you could have 4 seasons in a day.

Anyways, I was greeted by 3 of my best friends who had arrived before me (we came in several batches). They helped me with my super big luggage to my room, where all of us then, realized was the biggest of the five. Lucky me!

As soon as I started to unpack my stuff, I got my laptop out and immediately connect with the net. Update la, ape lagi!

That night, I wasn’t able to sleep. Culprit identified: time diff.

Anyways, that night, the five of us (riby, dib, yanie, nas + moi), thought of how lucky we were to be given the opportunity to be here. to study here. No longer were the phrase, ” Kau rasa kita fly tak?” was heard.


My flatmates and I did soo many memorable things inside and outside this flat. We made karipap until 2 in the morning in this house and it also became the headquarters for our West Coast trip back in June.

I have to say that I will miss the noise of the boys playing ball in the evening.

I will miss the concerns and care from everyone around, when our kitchen window was broken by some drunk guy.

I will going to Rhenu’s place, Azman’s place, playing Cranium.


This flat has witnessed many things. The laughter, the joy and all the good things. The tears, the sorrow, and all the ugly things.

This year has been a good one. I’ve learnt a lot, met many interesting people, and get to do many stuff.

Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for such grace.

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