Malaysia suda~

In the name of Allah.

Praise Allah!

I was out today after several days keeping myself inside the house. here in Ampang! Wooo. Cna you actually believe it? One minute I’m in the Southern hemisphere, now I’m in KL. hah 🙂

Anyways, I arrived like, a week back. I think. Arrived on Eid day itself, memang macam dendang perantau.

Owh. Yup. I have been keeping myself inside the house since I got back. (except for one day, though, when the sistas ajak shopping*can anyone resist that?).

But today, I went outing with mom. Alhamdulillah! It rained at around noon, which made the weather quite bearable. We were out and about, going all over KL.

And the best thing is, when I reached home, I opened the mail box, there it is. The letter I’ve been waiting for the past few days. My job offer! all the way from Dunedin.

Well, it’s actually  a one-off job, working for the course approval 2011. More like an orientation assistant in Malaysia. Just to get extra cash.

But the thing that bothers me now is, how do I get the letter back to Dunedin by this Friday. I already checked the fastest most affordable post services and found out that the best service is Post laju. Costs only RM55 and should arrive in 3 days.

SO, tomorrow,  I will be stopping by the NZ High Commission to certify my IRD copy and sent all the documents back to Dunedin.

Pray that everything will turn out right, ok?

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