In the name of Allah.

We are faced with many challenges and risks everyday. There are ones that we can barely keep up with and ones that sometimes we don’t even realise their existence.

Upon facing them, there are many of which we don’t realise their level of intensity, ignorant towards the possibilities that the challenges and risks have towards us.

Memang, it is never easy to know what’s to happen with every action that we take. But it never hurts to ask others of their opinions and seek rationality from the people around us.

However, even when one thinks that the best solution has been found, one can never be certain of the results that he/she expects.  There is always possibilities for things to go wrong, thus causing crushes at many hearts.

But, when one is  aware that such things could happen, one can always be prepared. Not to put too much trust on others. Not to expect the best although the best effort has been put into the work.

Ada faham ka?

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