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downgrading your value

In the name of Allah.

We very often heard how sex is only nature and that it’s alright to be doing such thing before one is married. That sex happens around us everyday, everywhere.

Since this line is directed to obviously, animals, it made me think so very deeply about us being human.

Isn’t it just downgrading to justify our actions based on the doings of animals?

Being human is gift one can never be thankful enough. Having the ability to think and  learn, masyAllah,  are indeed the best thing one can ever asked for. And now, just for some so called ‘fun’ syaitaan has made disguise in front of our eyes, we readily declare ourselves mindless as the animals in the wilderness.

Have a think. When syaitaan wants to lure our imaan, he would not have taken some lame, boring schemes. Obviously,  he would use something that is fun, one that is almost impossible to say no to.

But then again, this is the real deal. Why He, Allah, has given us such beautiful, such powerful gift: the Brain. To think and think based on Islam and imaan, not on just mere lust.


Thought of the day

In the name of Allah.

I can’t say that I am happy such things happen. I really can’t. But I too, can’t deny the spark such news has on me. Jahat gile bunyinye. But hell, that’s how I feel.

It is indeed a complicated matter. Things related to the heart and emotions, I mean.  and I, take the high road of trying not to be near to anything near to these things.

High road ka?