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besok pegi sekolah

In the name of Allah.

A few days back I realized that I have not at all wrote any post since I got to Dunedin. Not that I was crazy busy, just didn’t have anything good to share.

So anyways, I arrived safely at Dunedin airport on the 8th of February. Aliff was there with Nas, Yanie and Azhan, so it was a no problemo ride from the airport to the town centre.

So, tomorrow is the official first day of school for the year 2011. No doubt I am super excited, but despite the excitement, realising that the summer hols is over, for real,  is a little depressing. Oh well, change is constant. I just have to live with it.

Semoga semester baru 2011 akan lebih baik dari semester-semester sebelumnya! Aamin!


keep holding on.

In the name of Allah.

In freaking 2 days, I will be heading back to Dunedin. It feels hellish, but I know good things are yet to come.

Today, out of the total 2 months holiday, is the worst I should say. Haih.

If and only if I can only turn back time. If and only if, things are easier. If and only if, we are the only two people in the world and we make our own decisions.

To tell you people the truth, I am surprised to see myself turning into this very unsettled person. Macam mana tah jadi macam nih.

Ya Allah, give me strength to keep holding on.


In the name of Allah.

Life has been upside down these few days. Everyone knows the reason. But despite that, I just want to appreciate every ticking second. Because what? The answer to the lame question would be — I amgoing back in five days to the land down under.

I am excited to be starting my third year there, but the holidays had somehow made me ‘lemau’. Haih. To tell you the truth, normally I would pack my bags like a week earlier, but it didn’t happen 2 days ago, and I ain’t see it happening for the next few days…The crystal ball seems to say that it would happen on Sunday, the day before I head back.

Stuffs that have been happening around me, seem so brutal. The chaos in Egypt seems equivalent to the messiness I feel inside. I am just hoping that things would get better for my sisters and brothers in Egypt. Amin.

Let’s count the last five days in Maaysia.