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Ya Rabb, protect me from…

In the name of Allah.

Abu Dawoud and Ibn Majah had related the Prophet saying,

The one who wears a garment designed for a worldly fame, Allah will make them wear a garment of humility on the Day of Resurrection, and then, he will be ablaze.


Nabi Adam & syaitannirrajim


Dalam dua-tiga hari lepas, aku terbaca kisah menarik and aku memang rase nak share dengan orang lain. Semoga kita dapat manfaat dari kisah nih.

Dikisahkan dalam sebuah kitab bahawa Nabi Adam A.S. telah bertanya kepada Allah S.W.T.,

“Ya Allah, Engkau benar-benar telah menguasakannya atas aku, oleh itu tidak mungkin aku dapat menolaknya melainkan dengan pertolongan Engkau.”

Lalu Allah S.W.T. berfirman yang maksudnya, “Tidak akan dilahirkan seorang anak bagimu, melainkan aku serahkan anak itu kepada malaikat yang selalu menjaganya.”

Kemudian Nabi Adam A.S. pun berkata lagi, “Ya Allah, tambahkanlah lagi untukku.”
Maka Allah berfirman yang bermaksud, “Setiap kebaikan akan dapat sepuluh kali ganda.”

Nabi Adam berkata lagi, “Ya Allah tambahkanlah lagi untukku.”
Allah berfirman yang bermaksud, “Tidak akan aku cabut taubat dari mereka(manusia) selagi nyawa-nyawa mereka masih dalam tubuh mereka.”

Nabi Adam berkata lagi, “Ya Allah tambahkanlah lagi untukku.”
Lalu Allah berfirman lagi yang bermaksud, “Aku akan mengampuni mereka dan aku tak peduli.”

Nabi Adam berkata lagi, “Sekarang cukuplah untukku.”

Kemudian iblis pula bertanya kepada Allah S.W.T.,

“Ya Tuhanku, Engkau jadikan di kalangan anak cucu Adam beberapa utusan dan Engkau turunkan kepada mereka beberapa kitab. Oleh itu, siapakah yang akan menjadi utusan-utusanku?”
Allah menjawab dengan firman-Nya yang bermaksud, “Utusanmu itu ialah tukang-tukang nujum.”

Iblis bertanya lagi, “Dan apa pulak yang menjadi kitabku?”
Firman Allah bermaksud, “Kitabmu ialah tahi lalat buatan.”

Bertanya Iblis lagi, “Ya Tuhanku, apakah yang menjadi hadisku?”
Firman Allah yang bermaksud, “Hadismu ialah semua kata-kata dusta dan palsu.”

Iblis bertanya lagi, Ya Tuhanku, apakah quranku?”
Firman Allah yang bermaksud, “Quranmu ialah nyanyian.”

Iblis bertanya lagi, “Siapakah yang menjadi muazzinku?”
Allah berfirman yang bermaksud, “Muazzinmu ialah seruling.”

Iblis bertanya lagi, “Dan apakah yang menjadi masjidku?”
Firman Allah yang bermaksud, “Masjidmu ialah pasar.”

Bertanya lagi Iblis, “Ya Tuhanku, apakah yang menjadi rumahku?”
Firman Allah yang bermaksud, “Rumahmu ialah bilik air tempat permandian.”

Iblis bertanya lagi, “Ya Tuhanku, apakah yang menjadi makananku?”
Firman Allah yang bermaksud, “Makananmu ialah makanan yang tidak disebut nama asmaku.”

Iblis bertanya lagi, “Apakah yang menjadi minumanku?”
Allah berfirman yang bermaksud, “Minumanmu ialah sesuatu yang memabukkan.”

Akhir sekali Iblis bertanya kepada Allah S.W.T., “Ya Tuhanku, apakah yang akan menjadi perangkapku?”
Kemudian Allah berfirman lagi yang bermaksud, “Perangkapmu ialah perempuan.”

Dengan terbacanya kisah ini hendaklah kita berusaha supaya menjauhkan diri daripada perangkap-perangkap iblis. Apabila kita takut kepada seseorang maka hendaklah kita menjauhkan diri daripadanya tetapi sekiranya kita takut kepada Allah, hendaklah kita lebih mendekatkan diri kepada-Nya.

Sesal dahulu pendapatan…

In the name of Allah.

One of the cons of studying overseas is the fact that you simply get the news of what’s happening in ‘kampung halaman’ quite late. Considering this as the major cons, I cannot but try to accept this as part of life.

I was just informed that both my mum and my sister have been involved in two separate accidents. The first one was in Kosas, in which my mom was involved and the second one, was in Putrajaya just 2 days ago.

Not that anyone was hurt, but only knowing it after a few days, felt like a slap to the face. I have to admit that I am completely pissed with the drivers who hit my mom’s and sis’s cars, and at the same time, angry with myself. For not being able to be with them when it happened. Or even being with them after the accidents happened.

It really is quite frustrating that I wasn’t able to do anything to help my family. It really is.

home is where my family is. nak balik sekarang jugak!

Now that I think about it, this is the consequences that I have to face, having taken the decision to study overseas. Ya Allah, grant me the power to stay strong.

Rasa menyesal sangat sebab tak telefon rumah a few days earlier. Takpelah, let this be a lesson for me. Semoga aku tak lupa apa yang aku belajar harini.

when your pride is on the line,

In the name of Allah.

The bravest thing you can do when you are not brave is to profess courage and act accordingly- Corra Harris

Neither standing in the corner nor making other people do it for you will work. You just have to do it by yourself girl. No matter how bitter it is, it’ll, insyAllah become better. No matter what.

Because every rainfall must come a rainbow.

rainbow by ArtGnome @ deviantArt

being a Muslim student

In the name of Allah.

It’s not that I am shy to answer the question or anything, but for me, I think there was no pressing necessity for me to answer the question given by the lecturer. Not that I didn’t know the answer, but I just didn’t think there was a need to be shouting out the answer.

Kate nak jadi Muslim cemerlang, kuat sikit suare jawab tu!

I was stunned by my friend’s reminder last week when we just started class last Wednesday.

I have always known that I am a student but it wasn’t until recent that I realized that I have not been a Muslim student. Not that I don’t fulfil the five pillars of Islam, but there wasn’t even an inch of myself that realized that being a student is not the same as being a Muslim student.

Seeking knowledge is the duty of every Muslim. (Ibn Majah, Hadith 220)

Does it mean that every individual Muslim must also become a religious scholar? Not at all. What is required of an individual is only sufficient knowledge that can enable him/her to carry out their religious obligations.

As a minimum every Muslim must learn the articles of faith and what they really mean. Learning about the laws and teachings of Shariah related to their life is also crucial. Thus it is our duty to learn solat, fasting, zakat and Hajj.

For a student, it is a religious duty to learn Islam’s teaching about the field that we are studying. For example, if one is studying medicine to learn about the halal and haram aspects in performing the tasks of being a medical officer. And so on.

There is also another aspect to  being a Muslim student.

The attitude in which we view learning itself makes us different. If one were to keep to himself/herself throughout the learning process, can that be considered as learning?

Remember that learning is not just about reading books and looking on the net for information. There is a lot more to life that books and staying inside. As I am writing this, realize the relevance of going to school. Meeting new people and the multiple interactions we have with our friends and teachers help us to become better students.

However, going to school doesn’t mean that EVERYONE actually interacts with one another. That is why the attitudes we have towards learning is very important.

Enthusiasm is one thing, but the guts to voice out our opinions and views is also important. Although our personal views are different, it is always good to listen to others’ perspective. This, is also one concept of learning.

Being a Muslim student, what it really means is really practising Islam in our studies. Another easy way of seeing it is–> Islam as our treetrunk life , whilst studying or acquiring knowledge as one of branches.

faham tak?


We all need to whine from to whine. Constant whining, however, not only bores others but reveals one’s lack of ability to take responsibility for one’s own life and happiness. Ultimately the world isn’t going to cater to all your needs and tastes. The world couldn’t care less. And you’re only making yourself feel like shit in the process.