Sesal dahulu pendapatan…

In the name of Allah.

One of the cons of studying overseas is the fact that you simply get the news of what’s happening in ‘kampung halaman’ quite late. Considering this as the major cons, I cannot but try to accept this as part of life.

I was just informed that both my mum and my sister have been involved in two separate accidents. The first one was in Kosas, in which my mom was involved and the second one, was in Putrajaya just 2 days ago.

Not that anyone was hurt, but only knowing it after a few days, felt like a slap to the face. I have to admit that I am completely pissed with the drivers who hit my mom’s and sis’s cars, and at the same time, angry with myself. For not being able to be with them when it happened. Or even being with them after the accidents happened.

It really is quite frustrating that I wasn’t able to do anything to help my family. It really is.

home is where my family is. nak balik sekarang jugak!

Now that I think about it, this is the consequences that I have to face, having taken the decision to study overseas. Ya Allah, grant me the power to stay strong.

Rasa menyesal sangat sebab tak telefon rumah a few days earlier. Takpelah, let this be a lesson for me. Semoga aku tak lupa apa yang aku belajar harini.

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