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Words, Words by David Robets–Tribute to Palestine


A tribute to Mama- my mom, my dad, my hero


Dulu masa ayah aku meninggal, aku dengan family tinggal dekat Taiping. Sebab before ayah aku meninggal tu, ayah aku nak pindah Taiping. Dekat dengan kampung katenye (Kuala Kangsar). Ayah aku meninggal masa aku darjah 2. Tak berape nak paham lagi maksud meninggal. Aku ingat lagi time tu, aku rase macam ayah aku akan datang balik. Budak kan. Mane nak paham. But anyhow, bila sampai Father’s Day, aku sedih sikit. Sebab aku dah tak buat kad dah, sebab aku takde sape nak bagi kad tu. Pathetic, tapi macam tu lah budak-budak kecik macam aku dulu fikir.

Tapi hari ni, aku bukan nak cakap pasal arwah ayah aku. Aku nak cakap pasal mak aku yang jadi ayah aku, yang jadi mak aku (obviously) lepas ayah aku meninggal.

Aku ingat lagi, bila ayah aku meninggal tu, memang family aku menghadapi pelbagai masalah. Financially, emotionally, semua lah. And paling terasa sebab time tu, abang dan akak-akak aku semua dah keluar dari rumah untuk belajar. Abang aku kat Uniten, angah aku kat Unikl, ekin dekat MRSM. Tinggal lah aku dengan mak aku kat rumah.

Maybe sebab mak aku muda lagi time tu kot, aku ingat lagi macamana mak aku garang gile. Aku ingat pagi-pagi kena sidai baju before gerak pegi sekolah dengan mak aku. Mak aku drive aku gi sekolah. Kalau tak sidai baju pagi tu, dalam kete memang tunggu mase je la. Aku dulu librarian time sekolah. So, pakai baju kemeja yang tuck in dalam skirt macam tu. Jadi compare dengan pakai baju kurung, lapisan kain skirt tu lagi nipis sebab baju kurung ade dua lapis kain. And hukuman aku untuk tak sidai baju pagi tu, cubit sampai paha aku lebam. Mula-mula aku tak bajet pon akan hitam paha aku, tapi bila sampai one time tu, aku pakai seluar pendek kat rumah, kebetulan sape tah ade kat rumah aku, tanye kenape paha aku ade tompok tompok hitam yang sangat banyak. Lebam rupenye. Aku tak dapat lupe la kan, sebab mak aku cubit memang pergh, and memang bergenang air mate pagi2 pegi sekolah. Budak kecik kot. Mane nak paham…sekarang bile pikir2 balik, maybe sebab mak aku pon mude lagi time tu, anak buat hal pulak. Dia lagi banyak benda nak pikir dari aku.

Yang lagi satu hukuman aku tak boleh lupa adalah kena libas dengan getah toilet. Taw tak getah yang mane? getah yang dok pasang kat paip tu.haa.. yang kaler oren tu. hak tu la yang mak aku guna kalau marah. Tak main dah hanger, buat membazir je (sebab dah banyak kali patah). Aku tak rase aku jenis nakal kat umah dulu. sebab aku takde pun geng kat jiran aku. Tapi tu lah, budak budak kan. macamana pun, mesti ade yang tak paham bahasa.

aku ingat lagi, time aku form 5 mase ade hari academic mak aku cakap nak datang. aku tunggu dari pkol 8pagi smpai la 1tghari (time hari academic abes), mak aku tak smpai smpai. Selaku senior otai yang bawak hp gi sekolah, aku call mak aku, takde orang angkat. Aku jadi gelabah la. Pastu dalam pukol 2 macam tu, mak aku call. Cakap mak aku otw datang teluk intan. sorang-sorang sebab takda orang nak teman dia datang tengok aku. serius time tu aku kecik hati dengan abg n akak aku. aku rase macam dorang tak sayang aku. smpai hati diorang biar mak aku datang sorang. dah la time tu aku nak SPM. tapi takpe..aku taknak tunjuk sedih aku kat mak aku, aku senyum je bile nmpak mak aku. peluk tak lepas. mak aku nangis, aku TERmenangis sekali…pastu mala tu ade bace yassin ramai-ramai, orang lain bace dengan mak ayah, aku bace dengan mak aku je. Sebab aku ade mak je. Pastu malam tu jugak, aku tak tido hostel. keluar tido dengan mak aku…esoknye mak aku balik kl balik..aku ape lagi, meleleh lagi la banjir jugak la semesti tu.

Even sekarang aku dalam teacher’s program ni mak aku punye usaha. Aku tak pernah terfikir nak jadi cikgu, tapi mak aku yang apply kat aku sebab mak aku taw, aku teringin sangat nak belajar oversea. Yela, nak baut medic ke engine ke, result tak power. Alhamdulillah, berkat doa mak, aku berjaya la sampai sekarang. And alhamdulillah jugak, berkat doa mak, aku dah jadi sangat passionate untuk jadi cikgu. 🙂

Aku tak tahu la aku boleh ke tak jadi seorang mak macam aku. Bagi aku mak aku dah gone through a lot. Segala benda yang jadi kat famili aku, semua ada kaitan dengan mak aku, smpai aku tak taw macamana mak aku handle bende2 yang jadi. Aku bila terkenang apa orang buat dekat faimly aku, meleleh lagi la air mate. Mak aku apatah lagi.

So for all the things you’ve sacrificed, the things you’ve given up, the undivided love for the four of us, I know I wouldn’t be able to pay even a pinch of it all back. But what I can do is to pray for your well-being, and ayah’s too.

Wani doa mama sihat selalu, Wani doa mama dapat tengok abang, angah, ekin and wani berjaya and happy so that mama pun boleh happy jugak. I hope you find your happiness and i pray that He will always be by your side in everything you do.

Happy Mother’s Day mama 🙂

the fun and the learning; Easter Break

In the name of Allah,

I had a great Easter break. It was all fun, but Alhamdulillah, I have also gained something else in the trip.

1) Everything between the sky and the earth, is created with a purpose. Not for mere display. I visited the wind farm at Palmerston North the other day, and SubahanAllah, Allah’s wonders can never beat man’s creation. What are the windmills without the strong wind Allah has bestowed upon us.

2) You can never feel death. Scared, yes. But never death until your time truly comes. You can take whatever thrilling ride; bungy jump whatsoever, but death comes in a more eerie way, creepier, spookier. Cause, you don’t know when it’s coming, how it’s going to happen.

3) You meet all kinds of people in the world. Whether you like them or not, it’s not your call to tell them, you don’t even have the rights to not like them. Because we’re just human, like the other zillions people in the world. Only Allah has the right to judge them, and He too, will not judge them until the Resurrection  Day.

4) Being greedy is never the answer. In fact, being greedy is actually favouring the path of syaitaan. A reminder to myself when confronted with good  great food.

the clan with kak Ayu at the Te Apiti Wind farm

i’m home here.

In the name of Allah.

I praise Allah for His bountiful rizq He has presented me with, the 21 years I’ve lived in this world and insyAllah moving into my 22nd years of living, alhamdulillah 🙂

I had a great birthday yesterday, despite the fact that I am away from home. Friends, who have easily become family, came to share my special day. Home is no longer where the heart is, but also when I am with you girls 🙂

Thanks so much gfs!

yesterday on my birthday

being a Muslim student

In the name of Allah.

It’s not that I am shy to answer the question or anything, but for me, I think there was no pressing necessity for me to answer the question given by the lecturer. Not that I didn’t know the answer, but I just didn’t think there was a need to be shouting out the answer.

Kate nak jadi Muslim cemerlang, kuat sikit suare jawab tu!

I was stunned by my friend’s reminder last week when we just started class last Wednesday.

I have always known that I am a student but it wasn’t until recent that I realized that I have not been a Muslim student. Not that I don’t fulfil the five pillars of Islam, but there wasn’t even an inch of myself that realized that being a student is not the same as being a Muslim student.

Seeking knowledge is the duty of every Muslim. (Ibn Majah, Hadith 220)

Does it mean that every individual Muslim must also become a religious scholar? Not at all. What is required of an individual is only sufficient knowledge that can enable him/her to carry out their religious obligations.

As a minimum every Muslim must learn the articles of faith and what they really mean. Learning about the laws and teachings of Shariah related to their life is also crucial. Thus it is our duty to learn solat, fasting, zakat and Hajj.

For a student, it is a religious duty to learn Islam’s teaching about the field that we are studying. For example, if one is studying medicine to learn about the halal and haram aspects in performing the tasks of being a medical officer. And so on.

There is also another aspect to  being a Muslim student.

The attitude in which we view learning itself makes us different. If one were to keep to himself/herself throughout the learning process, can that be considered as learning?

Remember that learning is not just about reading books and looking on the net for information. There is a lot more to life that books and staying inside. As I am writing this, realize the relevance of going to school. Meeting new people and the multiple interactions we have with our friends and teachers help us to become better students.

However, going to school doesn’t mean that EVERYONE actually interacts with one another. That is why the attitudes we have towards learning is very important.

Enthusiasm is one thing, but the guts to voice out our opinions and views is also important. Although our personal views are different, it is always good to listen to others’ perspective. This, is also one concept of learning.

Being a Muslim student, what it really means is really practising Islam in our studies. Another easy way of seeing it is–> Islam as our treetrunk life , whilst studying or acquiring knowledge as one of branches.

faham tak?

January 15th, 2011

In the name of Allah.

Praise Lord, yesterday was one of those eye-opening days I’ve had in my 21 years of living. I went on a lunch date yesterday with two friends, one of which was a senior in school.

She has always been someone, I’ve thought of when it comes to relationships. I don’t know why, but she simply is. And, indeed she is one of the most experienced in it, I must say.

We were talking and listening, well I did most of the listening, because I was such in a misery these past few weeks. and of course what she said was indefinitely true, like the ones you read in books. But the fact that it is said by a person to another person, I was in such awe. I mean, we’ve read dozens of books and articles but hearing it all over again, make a whole lot different. Somehow, I feel like someone has just hold me by the hand and support me at the back. It was such a good feeling.

Alhamdulillah, the talk we had was worth the time.  I felt like I just met an experienced shrink from the Life&everythingyouneedtoknowaboutit clinic.

One thing that has definitely wake me up was the fact that I have never really given myself space to grow up. Not in terms of being a baby or taking care of myself, which I have done pretty well, no doubt. It’s the idea of giving myself space and time to work my relationship with people. For instance, meeting new people and getting to know them better, instead of sticking to the same old circle of people. I came to understand yesterday, I have been missing a lot of good opportunities in letting people surprise me. I feel so bad saying this, but I have to admit that I am judgemental towards the new persons in my life. Up till yesterday, at least. They have to be this, and that, and whatevercrap I want them to be, which is soooo SALAH.

How I was so wrong. and guilty to everyone around me.

Alhamdulillah, I praise Allah, for through His grace, I am able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I might just find the answer to the question that has been playing in my mind in the past couple of years.

Surprise me, whoever you are. 🙂

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