who’s choosy now?

aku tak fussy bab makanan. tapi aku kenal ramai orang yang fussy bab makan2 ni. but have you ever try to feed a really fussy pet? like really fussy one? this will put your problems in perspective.

Cape sugarbirds from South Africa only eat insects that live on the protea shrub. This is a rare plant only found at the southern tip of Africa. This feathered fusspot will also only drink protea nectar. Each bird has its own personal shrubs which it guards jealousy from other sugarbirds.

now i feel like eating the rice set at ani sup utara. Aku kuat makan la lately.


It’s all coming back.

nothing can compare to the things that had happened
under the pouring day today.

the heat of the sun burned skin like
love of an ended couple.

What could I have done?
What can you do about it?

aku benci semua ini.
tapi aku sayang kisahnya.
apakan daya-
kehendak sang puteri tidak bisa rakyat tunaikan.

hanya jiwa yang merasa pedih.

by Willian Pitkin

Everyday brings forth some new things that add to the joy of life after forty. Work becomes easy and brief. Play grows richer and longer. Leisure lengthens. Life’s afternoon brighter, warmer, fuller of song; and long before shadows stretch, every fruit grows rife… Life begins at forty.

who are you?

when life seemed overwhelming

and you see yourself, lack in everything,

just run.

run away from the disturbing thoughts,

into the arms of comfort.

pathethic’s THE word.

none can object on that.

think again.

bukan budak kecik weyh!

maturity that stands with you

when you tok those decisions.

kau bukan budak kecil.

no one can kick you and simply run away with it.

this time, you’ll show who you are

and what you are made up of.

bukan tanah liat.

Making the first step.

In the name of Lord.

 This is my first post, and Iam very excited about starting this second chapter of my blogging life. Hopefuly after this would help me to find the my true self thus, helping me to sort out my future.

I think that’s all for now. Let’s start this endless journey!