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hate? no laah

In the name of Allah.

It’s not that I hate you, I just don’t REALLY like you. It’s very different from hate because being unlikeable (?) by me, means, I know the harm that you would cause me, if I were to be friends with you.

Faham tak?

Probably not.

This does not necessarily mean that you’re a bad person. Maybe not a suitable person for me to be friends with. Maybe our different viewpoints made me realise that people can actually choose who they want to be with.

You’ve made your choice. Now please let me make mine.



In the name of Allah.

Have you ever had this feeling of frustration and all you wish for is to be able to run away to the furtherest place one could reach you?

distant by George Harrison @deviantART

It’s obviously none of my business, but somehow, I cannot stop myself from getting myself in trouble. Which at the end of the day, will cause me even greater pain.

Sedar-sedar lah kawan. People don’t always turn out to be the way we want them to.

While watching tv today,

Forgive and forget,’ that’s what they say. It’s good advice, but it’s not very practical. When someone hurts us, we want to hurt them back; when someone wrongs us, we want to be right. Without forgiveness, old scores are never settled, old wounds never heal, and the most we can hope for is one day we’ll be lucky enough to forget.

downgrading your value

In the name of Allah.

We very often heard how sex is only nature and that it’s alright to be doing such thing before one is married. That sex happens around us everyday, everywhere.

Since this line is directed to obviously, animals, it made me think so very deeply about us being human.

Isn’t it just downgrading to justify our actions based on the doings of animals?

Being human is gift one can never be thankful enough. Having the ability to think and  learn, masyAllah,  are indeed the best thing one can ever asked for. And now, just for some so called ‘fun’ syaitaan has made disguise in front of our eyes, we readily declare ourselves mindless as the animals in the wilderness.

Have a think. When syaitaan wants to lure our imaan, he would not have taken some lame, boring schemes. Obviously,  he would use something that is fun, one that is almost impossible to say no to.

But then again, this is the real deal. Why He, Allah, has given us such beautiful, such powerful gift: the Brain. To think and think based on Islam and imaan, not on just mere lust.

Eid Mubarak!

In the name of Allah.

It’s pathetic to be on the internet on such day. But, who cares? It’s not like I’m in Malaysia or something that everyone should be busy and do stuff.


Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin.

The two most frequent asked questions about celebrating eid in Dunedin.

1. Tak sedih ke raye jauh-jauh?

Obviously yes. Who wouldn’t? Especially when you listened to the takbir. If not for the ‘srots’ oen would have cried a river. But somehow, when the eid day itself came, you wouldn’t have the time to be sad! Busy sangat nak layan orang datang rumah, which is a good thing. Plus, when you visit your friends, rasa seronok. Bukanlah visit your parents’ long lost friends tak seronok, but it’s a dfferent kind of fun.

2. Makan apalah raya nih? Masak ke?

Well, we don’t have those traditional cuisine but we tried to make it as traditional as possible. We did cooked some rendang, kuah kacang, nasi impit and 2 types of kueh raya. Alhmadullillah, they were ok. Cukup la untuk perantau-perantau to have a little taste of Malaysia.

Alhamdulliah, I’ve  learn so much this Ramadhan and the first few days of Syawal. I learn to speak less, to control anger, to ignore whenever I should.  Though they’re not easy stuff to do, they’re worth the try.

I try to remind myself that the things that I did in Ramadhan should not only be done in Ramadhan, it should be practised year-round because Ramadhan itseld is a madrasah(school) for building/instilling good values in Muslims.

I hope everyone would feel the same and put in the extra effort to continue our Ramadhan routines, InsyAllah.


Bismillahirrahman nirrahim.

My friends and I chitchatted on the stuff that we used to do in the past. Not the good things, for sure. And somehow, it has left me feeling uncomfortable. We had good laughs about it, but I don’t feel quite right laughing about it. Hummph.

Now that I’ve given a thought about it, I recognize what I actually felt when I dwell into my past. I have to say that I became very embarrassed when I look back to all the things I’ve done. Malu dengan diri sendiri, malu dengan Tuhan. Apatah lagi when these kinds of things are a direct contrast of what you believe now.

But those are my past, and without them, I would not be the person I am today. Kan?

Now that I think I am an adult, I believe in repentance. That everyone deserves a second chance to clean up the mess that they’ve caused. No doubt that everyone has their own stand, and some may not agree wit what I’ve just said. That people are not to be trusted, when they messed up. I’m not judging, sebab memang manusia nih berbeza pegangan, berbeza pandangan.

Anyhow, I am very grateful, that despite my past, Allah has given me the opportunity for taubat, Alhamdullilah.

I was just browsing when I came across a very interesting article. It’s on ‘Promosi Dosa & Buka Aib Sendiri’. The thing that hit me the most is one of RasulAllah pbuh’s hadith.

كل أمتي معافى إلا المجاهرين، وإن من المجاهرة أن يعمل الرجل بالليل عملا، ثم يصبح وقد ستره الله عليه، فيقول: يا فلان عملت البارحة كذا وكذا، وقد بات يستره ربه، ويصبح يكشف ستر الله عليه

Setiap umatku (boleh) diampunkan kecuali mereka yang mendedahkan (dosanya),ada di kalangan yang mendedahakn ini , melakukan suatu dosa di waktu malam, berpagi-pagi sedang Allah menutup keaiban dosa itu, namun tiba-tiba dia mendedahkan seraya berkata :” Wahai fulan, semalam aku lakukan itu dan ini” maka terhapuslah tutupan Tuhannya dan jadilah ia membuka (rahmat) Allah yang(sebelum ini) menutup keaibannya.( Riwayat Al-Bukhari dan Muslim)

Astaghfirullahal ‘azim. Berdose rupenye ape yang aku buat dulu. 😐

Anyhow,the past is just a history, in which with it, we shape our future. And our history starts now, so why are we wasting time dwelling into our past? You have the power to make your future different.

Jom tutup aib sendiri!

Gives Me Hope

In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful.

I found this wonderful site where people share their experience in daily everyday life. Most of them are simple things but you can never guess such small things can move your heart.

Today I was approached by a homeless man who asked if I had any change. I only had two dimes, but I gave it to him anyway. As I watched him walk away, he put the dimes in an expired parking meter of a stranger’s car. Someone who can’t afford to buy himself something to eat but helps others gives me hope.

Don’t forget to visit their site at